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Daniel d'Ath


Born in Central Africa in 1958, Daniel d'Ath esquire is married and is the father of five children.

Brussels Office



  • Degree in law from UCL (1984).


  • Member of the Brussels Bar Association (1984).
  • Aviator (1984).
  • Second Lieutenant in the army reserve (1985).
  • Column officer at the Brussels Bar Association (1997).
  • Member of the Belgian Union of Architectural Experts (1999).
  • Founder of the d'Ath & Associés law firm (1992).
  • Joint founder of the International Criminal Bar Association in Berlin (2003).
  • Geneva law and conflict law practitioner (2004).
  • Expert for the RBC Housing Advisory Council (2010)
  • Member of the Federal Euthanasia Commission (2011).
  • Chairman of the Housing Advisory Council (2014).


  • French
  • Dutch
  • English

A specialist in commercial, civil, family, construction, employment and liability law, a reserve officer, parachutist, aircraft pilot, diver, horseman and paraglider, he began his career with the law firm of Jacques Marès, then moved to “BOLAND & HANSSENS”, before founding the “ADVOCATEN d’ATH & ASSOCIATES” law firm in 1992 and joining “APM – LAW” in 2019.


Commercial law
Civil law
Family law
Construction law
Law of responsibility
Aviation law
Military law
International law (Central Africa and Western Africa)

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